Charing Cross Road, London

I’ve wandered along Charing Cross Road this morning. A comic shop and a bookshop and now a cafe. The last Caffe Nero I was in was in Glasgow. That was nearly two years ago. Traveling light today. This morning I figured out the route I’ll take on the Underground today. No need to look any more like a tourist than I am. Began today at the London Zoo. Am staying there in its Keepers’ Lodge. I thought last night about the possibility of an animal escaping. Would be interesting, running from a tiger. My friend, Carl, takes care of the penguins. They live in a large swimming pool, performing when they feel like it. Better weather today; not as gray and rainy. When I finish my coffee (nearly $4, since I had it here), I’ll go outside and turn left and then left again. Nowhere to be really until later. These roads will take you somewhere if you let them.


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