Healthy Living: Do Treadmills Tone the Stomach as Well as the Legs & Buttocks?

Treadmills can help you tone.

A treadmill does more than boost your cardiovascular health. It builds muscle mass in the muscles you use — like your legs, thighs and buttocks — but it also helps tone these parts of your body. Since a treadmill works your core, your stomach and abdominal muscles, as much as it does other parts of your body, you can also tone your stomach while using a treadmill.

How To Tone

To tone, you need to lose body fat and build lean muscle mass, which you can do with regular cardio exercise, a healthy diet and some form of strength training. Walking on a treadmill that has no incline can fulfill the regular cardio requirement, but using a treadmill on an incline adds resistance to your workout. This resistance adds strength training to your cardio workout, since you’re working even harder against gravity. Lean muscle mass are those non-fat parts of your body, like your muscles and bones. Strength training helps build lean muscle mass, which will help burn fat and help tone your body.

Read more: http://woman.thenest.com/treadmills-tone-stomach-well-legs-buttocks-10702.html

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