Bruises for shoulder blades: NYCC Recap Part One

My lower back is sore and my arms feel tight and my shoulder blades are bruised. Carry more than 100 pounds of comic books in a backpack and in shoulder bags, while maneuvering through thousands of people, and see how you feel.

Skipped the panels and the gaming demonstrations, spent little time exploring the main floor, and bought very little at New York Comic Con, but since I didn’t go for the panels or for the gaming demonstrations or to buy anything, I don’t feel I missed out on anything. Instead, I sought out writers and artists, most of whom were more than happy to sign their books and swap stories about the X-Men.

Chris Claremont shared stories he never got to write, and Bob McLeod reminisced about the early days of the New Mutants, and Phil Jiminez talked about his experiences with Marvel and DC (and his thoughts on DC’s New 52). Billy Tan remembered that during his run on Uncanny X-Men, Rachel Summers wore hoop earrings, and Peter Beagle admitted that a couple of sentences had changed between one edition of The Last Unicorn and the next edition of the book.

Bill Willingham talked fables and princesses, and Peter David talked feedback about introducing a gay storyline into X-Factor (surprising, who hated the storyline the most).

I made Marjorie Liu blush (accidentally), sought out those involved with the Age of X X-Men storyline and Comic Book Tattoo (a collection of comic book stories based on Tori Amos songs), and I learned that Stephanie Hans based her rendering of Thor in the Exiled mini-series (crossing New Mutants with Journey Into Mystery) with the character that Vincent D’Onofrio played in Adventures in Babysitting. I was worried that Rick Remender, whose stories are some of the best being told in the X-family of books, would be a dick, but he isn’t, and all of this, and more, the reason I have bruises for shoulder blades and a sore lower back.

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