I love you, she’s taken to saying

The first time Aurora said I love you, she was in her car seat, and I had just belted her into place, and I said it to her, as I often do, and she repeated it. I’m not sure she knew the words as anything more than something she frequently hears.

Texted Holly immediately, and she asked me to get Aurora saying I love you on video. Which I couldn’t, since my daughter, like me, often does what she wants instead of what is asked of her. So I knew Aurora could say it, and had said it, but Holly hadn’t heard it, and didn’t hear it for probably a week, when Aurora again repeated it.

That time, maybe she knew what she was saying.

Several times since, and four times on Sunday (when I most wanted, and kind of needed to hear it — no wallowing when you have kids), Aurora has said I love you, or, “I loge you,” substituting a g for a v. She and me on Sunday, watching hours of Elmo (“El-mo,” Aurora says, turning the character’s two-syllable name into a two-word name), and Aurora kissing the iPad, usually where Elmo was, and laughing after.

“I love you, Aurora,” I said.

“I loge you,” she said.

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