Garbage at The National, Richmond

Third time seeing Garbage on their tour for Not Your Kind of People. I keep losing people along the way. In Boston, Holly and Shaun were with me. Then, in Toronto, just Shaun. And then alone in Virginia. Benefit to doing things alone, you set your own schedule, and if your schedule includes hanging out outside the venue for the chance to meet one or several members of the band, then who is going to complain? No one, and certainly not when your waiting pays off and you actually get to meet the band.

And then the show itself, when Shirley Manson pauses between songs to riff on how relevant she and her band remain, despite a recent editorial in a Richmond paper arguing that the band is not. 

“We’re as relevant as you make us,” Manson said. “As long as you keep coming to our gigs, then we’ll be relevant.”

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One comment on “Garbage at The National, Richmond

  1. Randy F
    September 30, 2012

    Great Pics Will! This was my 2nd show of the tour and 6th since 1996 and they’ve been my favorite band from the start. I took my 2 little girls to the show and since you were outside after the show, my girls were the ones who got Butch’s drum head from the show. For 4 years I’ve driven at least 600 miles total, every other weekend to be with my girls who live in Maryland, never missing a visit. They’ve listened to a lot of Garbage along the way. I know how much of an impression it makes on little kids to meet someone or people who seem larger than life, and while expensive, I want to frame the drum head for them as a holiday gift so that they’ll always remember the moment. You have some great photos from the show. I’m sure that it’s not what you normally do but is it possible for me to buy a picture from you of the band to frame with it? I think a picture from the actual show is way cooler than a promo pic. Thanks either way and thanks for the post!

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