Avery’s first real day of preschool

“I don’t need to hold your hand anymore,” Avery said on our walk to school this morning. He, me, Holly, Aurora, and my mother, who has been in town visiting for the last week. And after that declaration: “I don’t need you anymore.”

Then he walked a bit faster until he was walking ahead of us.

“Already, he doesn’t want to be seen with us at school,” Holly said.

After, he ran out to us, showed us the drawing he made illustrating his first real day of preschool, told us about his day (and snack time, which was his favorite part) and the friends he thought he’d made, and asked if he got to go back again.

“Tomorrow,” I said. “And the day after that, and then five days every week.”

“I’m super excited,” Avery said.

“Did you read anything today?” Holly asked.

“Mom,” Avery said, in this tone you’d probably expect from a teenager and not from a five-year-old, “I don’t know how to read yet.”

“Soon,” Holly said. “Soon you will.”

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