Best Gay Stories 2012 available

Best Gay Stories from Lethe Press, edited by Peter Dube, which includes my story Words Between Words, is available.

From Dube’s introduction:

You will find here works with all sorts of styles, themes, formal strategies and genre markers and you will read accounts of yearning that are both “hot” (there’s that word again) and cool, comical and tender, dark and soulful, along with narratives about sex, memory, love, loss, the pull of history and the treasures of friendship. Every one of them, I think, deserves your close attention and multiple rereadings. The authors have done remarkable work; work that is subtle, affirming, generous, challenging and—at least as importantly—that is well made.

Also included in the collection: “The Renegade Angels of Parkdale” © 2011 by Matthew J. Trafford/“Sugar Rush” © 2011 by Clint Catalyst/“My Childhood Friend” © 2011 by Felice Picano/“The Unequivocal Moon” © 2011 by Elías Miguel Muñoz/“Beautiful Books” © 2011 by Mark Ambrose Harris/“Action” © 2011 by Cecilia Tan/“Laconic Messages of Love” © 2011 by Noel Alumit/“Bondage Tape in Budapest” © 2011 by Jeff Mann/“Gay for Pay” © 2011 by Conner Habib/“191 Days of Active Charles” © 2011 by Jonathan Vatner/“A Doomed Gay Marriage” © 2011 by Rigoberto González/“At This Late Hour” © 2011 by Loren Arthur Moreno Jr./“In My Dreams I Can Drive” © 2011 by Ian Young/ “The Fermi Paradox” © 2011 by Ben Francisco.

The book is available at Amazon and other online and brick-and-mortar stores.

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