The taste of blueberries and pears

More than two pints of blueberries, harvested from a nearby farm, where goats play in pens and will, if you’re lucky, come close enough for you to pet them, these penned-in goats. Avery found the best blueberries, Holly said, because he went further into the crop than Holly and Aurora did. Avery probably ate as he went. If I had been with them, I would have eaten as we went.

The more than two pints of blueberries in Holly’s car last night, which I brought in when I saw the berries in her front seat. The berries had spilled out of their green pints. I left them inside, and later, during dinner, several of those blueberries were eaten — and ended up on the floor. We call what Aurora does, when she’s done eating, overboard, because anything within her reach ends up on the floor.

The blueberries, reminding me of a farmer’s market two years ago in New York, when pears were bought. A plastic bag full of pears. And these pears ended up in my backseat, when he and I got back to my car, and in my backseat those pears stayed. Two days, those pears in my car. June, I think. Too hot to leave pears in the backseat of a car, but he and I forgot the pears were there, and by the time I remembered, they were slowly turning into not-pears.

I was more upset than he was, mostly about the cost of the pears from a vendor in a farmer’s market in New York, but he didn’t care about the money. He was upset because he wanted me to tell him what pears tasted like, which was sweet and could have been romantic, if I didn’t know that that week in June, two years ago, City of Angels was playing at night on television, and his sweet and could-have-been romantic gesture was really something he saw Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan do. Or have. Maybe you have sweet and could-have-been romantic gestures. The different clear. Something you do, versus something you experience.

The taste of pears vs. buying the pears to be tasted. Going further into a crop of blueberries to find the best ones versus eating until your face is smeared with blue juice and you want to do nothing more than knock the berries you haven’t eaten to the floor.

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