Garbage returns to Boston after seven-year hiatus

Jettisoned plans to stalk Garbage outside of the Paradise, though I heard through the grapevine that Shirley, et. al, hung out pre-show with the diehards who were in line before noon. Have persuaded Shaun that this is how we will spend our time in Toronto on Monday before the Garbage show there.

The show was stellar, probably the best of the six Garbage shows I’ve seen since they opened for the Smashing Pumpkins in 1996. Still have the shirt from that show, though the word Garbage is not there. In talking with Shaun and Holly about that specific tour, found out that Holly saw the show that took place the night after the show I saw, and that Shaun saw the tour months earlier, in Buffalo. Things to learn and stories to share, still. Always, probably.

Staged a post-show coup, though. Butch Vig’s setlist, the last of the setlists handed out by a less-than-enthusiastic group of roadies. Hate the girl who half-crawled on stage to get the setlist taped in front of the microphone where Shirley was, but have the Toronto show to make up for it. Along with a second try at meeting the band that I’ve followed since 1995. A freshman in college, obsessed with groups like Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson and Filter, and beginning to fall in love with Tori Amos, and then came Garbage, all pink boas and torch songs.

Holly and I spent several years collecting the Garbage singles, all of which I have. In Atlanta, probably 1999, we found the single for Push It in a Circuit City, bought the single, and listened to it on repeat for hours, mostly for the B-side, Lick the Pavement. Which should have been on the album. One of the group’s best, in my opinion. Not part of the current tour’s setlist, but even if Shaun and I get the same set in Toronto, which we probably will, I will be as excited as I was last night, at the smallest venue in which the band has played in several years, and close enough to the stage to see what looked like Shirley crying, at the end, during the song that introduced them to America, Vow.

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