Isn’t it time to turn off the light?

I was up late reading, which happens at night, usually after the kids are asleep and I have tried and failed to fall asleep. I have a stack of books on a table next to my bed, most of which I’ve started and am at least intrigued enough to keep close by, in case a night like that night happens and I’m unable to sleep.

The book I started, and finished, isn’t important, but while I was reading it, I thought how lucky I was that if Avery woke up, all I’d have to do is tell him to go back to sleep, and he would, but if it was Shaun next to me, I can imagine him being grumpy and wanting nothing more than to ask me to turn off the light, but not asking me to turn off the light because how can you fault someone for reading, regardless of the hour?

Though if there is a way, he’ll probably find it, in a charming and sarcastic way, but while still making his point: I do not do well on fewer than eight hours of sleep, thank you very much. If you need to read, there are lights elsewhere in the home. And maybe keeping stacks of books in other parts of the house will be a concession I’ll learn to make.

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