Weights and Measures in Revolution House

Caucasian male. Five feet, 11 inches. 155 pounds. Driver’s license indicates that he is 30 years old. Found in his home. No evidence of foul play. Current indication is that he committed suicide. I hate when they commit suicide. Strike that last comment. But I do.

The coroner, in his lab, a lower level in a hospital. Male. Maybe female. Seems that medical examiners and coroners on television procedurals are mostly female. And black. Adds diversity to a television show without needing to hire a star. Except the medical examiner on Castle. I enjoy her more than I enjoy the other medical examiners the television show used during its first couple of seasons. Tried the show because of the premise: A writer and detective, solving crimes, and falling in love. Of course they are in love, even though the rules of the television dictate that theirs will remain a mostly unconsummated love. At least until ratings dictate the pair needs to come together. Or come separately. Simultaneous is a myth that television characters have propagated.

Read more (starts on page 30): http://www.revolutionhousemag.com/RevHouse2-1.pdf

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One comment on “Weights and Measures in Revolution House

  1. Mallory
    April 2, 2012

    No matter how many times I read this, I want to look away, I want to close my eyes and live in a world of cartoon girls and happily ever after. But it won’t let me look away. It is all-consuming and sorrowful and beautiful and real. The pictures sit in my stomach, and chills run through my body, and my heart breaks for you. No matter how many times I read this.

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