Amara and Mephisto sitting in a tree

Months ago, when Marvel was overrun with … well, I can’t exactly tell you what was running over and throw Marvel, but the company-wide crossover, Fear Itself, led to members of the New Mutants accidentally trapping themselves in Hell. With Mephisto. Who agreed to help the team get to Hel, as in the Norse realm of the underworld, if Amara agreed to go on a date with him. And she said yes.

Time to pay the piper, Amara. Mephisto comes a calling, and he and Amara enjoy a night out, despite Amara’s teammates urging her to do whatever getting out of the date would take. Can’t trust the devil. But Amara insists she make good on her end of the bargain.

At the end of the date, Mephisto throws rocks at Amara’s bedroom window. He wants permission to call her again, and Amara, who has been repeatedly warned not to agree to anything, doesn’t give permission as much as she turns the table on him. I don’t know. Can you? The kind of thing I’d say at the end of a date, whether or not I was on a date with the devil.

And I thought, at the end of the issue, that if Shaun and I lived in the same city, I’d throw rocks at his windows at the end of every date and ask for permission to call, just because I could. But I wouldn’t have to ask, not really; I know his answer would always be yes.

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