A borealis named Aurora

Aurora’s double ear infection led to Aurora throwing up Saturday night, while she was sleeping. When I woke up Aurora on Sunday, I found vomit in her crib and in her hair and on her face. I was grateful that Aurora has a tendency to sleep on her stomach — on her knees, really, with her butt in the air. No back-to-sleep for this baby, and she’s resisted our attempts to get her to conform to the medically recommended way she should sleep.

She threw up again Sunday evening, with Holly, and again that night. Twice yesterday. She hasn’t been eating or drinking much, and she hasn’t been peeing.

ImageThe last time Aurora went a day without peeing, she ended up in the hospital for nearly a week. She was 13 days old that time.

Holly talked to our pediatrician yesterday, who suggested Pedialite (didn’t stay down) and, if necessary, the ER. Holly stayed over last night, in case, and at three this morning, she woke me up.

All she had to say was “Will,” and I was awake. Might be a parent thing, expecting bad news, and expecting that bad news comes — and it will come — in the middle of the night, so you sleep differently. I sleep differently, anyway, on the night I have the kids than I do on the nights I don’t have the kids.

“Taking Aurora to the ER,” Holly said. “Aurora still hasn’t peed.”

Four hours later, Holly and Aurora were back. I had slept, mostly, though Avery often makes sleeping difficult, with his tendency to bed-hog and sleep on top of me.

Aurora got IV fluids, threw up, and received more fluids. Obviously no longer in need of an ER, as she was discharged, but we’re going to the pediatrician later.

She’s in good spirits. Rarely is she upset, and while Holly and I worry, Aurora plays with car keys and pulls herself up and laughs when Avery pushes in her nose, and mostly is fine. Except she refused animal crackers last night. And mashed potatoes. And fish.

Aurora never refuses food, especially animal crackers and mashed potatoes and fish.

A bug, we think, or, as Avery is calling what is wrong with Aurora, a bed bug. Which would be cute, if Aurora wasn’t sick.

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