Humpty Dumpty: Sunday, August 22, 2010

He and I met. We fell in love. We fell apart.

I tried to kill myself, checked myself into a psychiatric hospital, and completed a two-week partial hospital program.

He offered to return my things to me via my wife, who he had only just learned was my wife. My wife agreed to pick up the things, and return to my ex-boyfriend the few things of his I had. She didn’t see him. He left everything on his porch.

He and she arranged the exchange via text messages. His last text message to her (my wife, remember) was for me: I still love Will. I just can’t overcome the other stuff. I wish all of you wonder.

Holly forwarded the text to me, and I responded, which is where Humpty Dumpty began.

The next day, the conversation continued.

The next day, we met for coffee.

The next day, he and I, and my son, Avery, had sort of a family date.

The next day, or night rather, he told me he knew my children and I, and even Holly, were his family.

And about 18 hours later, when I asked him if I was going to see him, he told me he was going to play Wii with his best friend — and probably get high — and I told him what I should have told him months earlier.

And then I regretted it, and everything, maybe even the time I spent with him, and the time I spent mourning him, and the time I spent thinking about the time I spent with him and the time I spent mourning him.

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