Dog-eared Five: Beginnings

You’re here for a reason. Not on this planet, though I’m sure reasons exist for your, well, existence. I’m talking about Specter Literary Magazine, which launched its issue zero today (well, late last night) in a cacophony of tweets, retweets, and general positive hullabaloo.

But something brought you here, to this blog, to this Web site. Maybe you’re here by accident, and maybe you’re here for an awkward reason, or maybe you’re here because you’ve heard that this site is where all the cool kids hang out. And maybe each of these reasons are your reasons, or maybe none of these reasons are your reasons, or maybe you’ve already clicked away from these words, convinced that you will not find the droids for which you are looking.

Read more: http://www.spectermagazine.com/ghostblog/beginnings/

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